Here’s How to Help

We at Welcome to My Vagina are horrified and heart broken at the events that have been unfolding at our southern border and at the lack of moral character demonstrated by our current administration. But being enraged is not enough. We have to take action and make our feelings known and heard. Here are some suggestions for things we can all do to let people in positions of power know that we will not stand for this and to let those being treated as less than human know that we stand with them.

  1. Write to your Representatives 
  • You can find out who represents you at 
  • If you can’t think of what to say here is a quick blurb you can copy, paste, print and mail: I, (enter name here), am writing to ask you to vote no on Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill. This is an inhumane, unjust bill that places families in immigration camps. Indefinite detention is against the law in the United States and that should not change under any circumstance. We cannot allow this to become who we are. Our country is better than this. 

2. Call your Representative

  • The ACLU offers this script: Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and my zip code is [YOUR ZIP]. I’m asking the Representative to vote NO on Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill. This is an inhumane, unjust bill that will put families in prison camps – we can’t let that be what this country becomes.

3. Donate. There are a lot of organizations doing a lot of incredible work and that costs a lot of money. So one of the best things you can do, other than reaching out to your representatives, is to donate. Even a little bit makes a huge difference. The ACLU recommends the following but there are tons more. Just make sure to do your research before hitting that donate button!

4. Attend A Protest

  • On June 30th, cities across the country will host protests against family separation policy. 

5. If you can volunteer here are some suggestions

  • Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP) – based in NYC this group connects refugee families with emergency legal aid and community support. Mostly looking for volunteer attorneys, law students and interpreters.
  • Chicago-based Young Center is seeking adults (21+) who want to become child advocates for unaccompanied immigrant children. No legal background needed.
  • The New Sanctuary Coalition in NYC will train people to accompany immigrants when they check in with immigration enforcement and attend immigration hearings.