A warm welcome to my vagina! I'll be your host for all matters cunt related. Please keep your hands and arms at a respectable distance from my milk bowls and my whoHA unless, of course I consent otherwise. Do remember that a woman's body is HER body and anything you say or do about it will be used against you, that someones preference on anything could not be further from your business, and that a woman can queef louder than a man can fart. 

I'll be your host who was once described this way: 

"fowl mouthed, psychotic, wonderful, unicorn of majesty light and inappropriatness with a majestic yet terrifying vagina. Terrifying mostly because it attacks people but I'm sure for those who get to go inside of it its a wondrous kingdom." 

I hope you enjoy your time here. Make yourself at home, let us ladies knock your socks off, laugh, learn and most importantly... listen. 

Good luck on your scavenger hunt through my vagina! Who knows what you'll find!